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Take A Minute to Breath, Relax and Center Yourself

Why you need to center yourself?

As leaders, we seldom have enough time to take a breath, relax and center ourselves. Maybe it’s because we think it takes days or even hours to clear our minds and refocus, but that’s not the case. My wife and I have recently been exploring Buddhism. We are not at the point where we are ready to give up all our worldly possessions and meditate longer than a few minutes a day, but we have been doing some preliminary reading on the topic. 

Despite our interest, we have failed to devote any significant amount of time to learn more about the subject. This lack of effort is mainly due to a lack of time between family and work. However, I recently discovered a podcast that I could fit into my busy schedule, called the Buddhist Bootcamp. The Buddhist Bootcamp is about a five-minute podcast that focuses on a different topic each day. 

The purpose is to provide a Buddhism concept that will teach and help center and focus the mind. After a few days of listening to the podcast, I began to see the benefit of taking a couple of minutes before starting the workday to relax and clear your mind. I’m not promoting Buddhism; it could be your 5-minute cooldown after your morning workout or quick prayer time, depending on your religion, but whatever method you chose, take a couple of minutes before work to clear your mind. You will be better prepared to take on the challenges of the workday.

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