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Unlit Leadership Coaching for People of Color
Leadership Coaching for Leaders of color

Balance Authenticity & Success

As leaders of color ascend in their careers, it can sometimes feel like we're leaving parts of ourselves behind. As we climb, the faces around us may become less and less familiar, causing us to question: Will we still recognize ourselves when we reach the summit? But what if I told you that you don't have to sacrifice your authenticity for that coveted corner office? By implementing the right strategies, you can remain true to yourself and still achieve great success. Want to know more?

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Delve into our specialized leadership coaching programs each designed to foster a harmonious balance between authenticity and success. Whether it’s mastering personal leadership, building robust professional relationships, or setting and achieving meaningful goals, we guide you on a transformative journey towards authentic success.

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The Intersection of Leadership Coaching and Self-Reflection

With a collection of meticulously designed journals and resources, we guide you in unlocking clarity and confidence, propelling you towards authentic success without compromise. Explore our diverse range of offerings including the '90 Day Leader's Journal Series', '52 Week Leader Journal', and specialized guides to hone your leadership acumen while staying true to your core values

The 90 Day Leader's Journal - Volume 1 Self-Awareness
52 Week Leader Journal
emotional intelligent leader
The 90 Day Leader's Journal - Volume 2 Emotional Intelligence
Leading with Detail: A Guide for Conscientious Leaders informed by the Everything DISC Model (C-Type)
The 90 Day Leader's Journal - Volume 3 The Habit Mindset
The Empowered Leader: A 12-Week Guided Journal for Leaders of Color
Everything DISC Authorized Partner - Leadership Coaching
Unlocking Clarity and Confidence with the Everything DISC Assessment

Discovering Your Authentic Self

Before embarking on the journey of balancing authenticity and success, we must deeply understand our strengths and weaknesses. Without a clear sense of self, you cannot truly present your authentic self. This is why the Everything DISC assessment is fundamental to every Unlit Leadership Coaching program. As a result, our clients gain tailored insights that enhance their understanding of both themselves and others.

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Dive into our collection of articles and insights focused on the nexus of authenticity and success for leaders of color. Explore real-world scenarios, success stories, and strategies to harmonize your authentic self with your professional aspirations.