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The Unlit Leader

Welcome to Unlit Leadership! I’m Brian, but many know me as ‘The Unlit Leader’. It’s a pleasure to connect with you on this platform. I wear multiple hats – I’m a leader, father, husband, certified executive coach, and an Everything DiSC Certified Facilitator and Authorized Partner. I find joy in the continuous journey of self-discovery and improvement, consistently learning more about myself and reshaping my perceptions as my self-awareness expands.

My world orbits around order and processes – a trait I express even in counting time. I have an affinity for all things technological, and I’m a devoted fan of Star Trek, particularly The Next Generation series. Recently, I’ve dipped my toes into the realm of comic collection – a new adventure that started at 40!

At Unlit Leadership, we strive to empower individuals to unlock their authentic leadership potential. Our programs aim to inspire authenticity, enhance emotional intelligence, foster effective communication, and help align personal values with achievable goals.

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The Unlit Leadership Offer

As an Everything DiSC Certified Facilitator, I’m equipped with tools to enhance the learning experience within organizations, fostering an engaged, collaborative culture. I firmly believe in the power of understanding and harnessing self-awareness as a key to a leader’s success in all spheres of life – be it within the community, the workplace, or at home. It’s my mission to help leaders recognize their unique strengths and weaknesses, and create practical solutions for their everyday challenges.

I’m always eager to engage in meaningful conversations with individuals on similar paths, so please, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can connect with me through the social media links below. Let’s journey together towards becoming better leaders!