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12-Week Challenge: Small Steps, Big Wins

Normally, you would expect to see a 12-week Challenge reserved for the New Year, right? Here’s the deal: New Year’s resolutions have never really been my cup of tea. Perhaps it’s the introvert in me shying away from the crowds flocking to gyms and supermarkets come January 1st. Or maybe it’s the stark statistic that over 43% of these resolutions in the U.S. fall by the wayside before February concludes. Or maybe I’m a realist, having served in the military for 26 years and seeing firsthand how external goals can overshadow personal resolutions.

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But let’s swing back to the topic at hand. While the ‘New Year, New Me’ trend doesn’t quite resonate with me, what does strike a chord is the idea of closing the year on a strong note.

You might wonder, why emphasize the year-end over the beginning?

As the holiday cheer begins to unfold, there’s a common tendency to slow down, be it in our workouts, eating habits, or pressing forward with new projects. While a time of joy and relaxation, the festive season often morphs into a period of procrastination, with promises of a fresh start in the new year.

However, the final quarter of the year is not a time to ease off the throttle. It’s a golden opportunity to reflect, realign, and reimagine our pathways towards our goals. While some may pause their workout routine, you could be building a consistent workout habit. While some may yield to the allure of holiday feasts, you have the chance to exercise discipline, enjoying the festivities without overindulgence. And while some may defer projects to the new year, your consistent steps toward your goals can keep you ahead.

image of a man surrounded my tools to assist with 12-Week Challenge

Imagine utilizing these next 12 weeks to hone in on your personal or professional goals, leveraging the extra time to work on self-improvement, learning to anchor on discipline rather than fleeting motivation. Picture yourself stepping into the new year not with vague resolutions but with a robust, ongoing journey towards your goals.

Excited? Let’s delve into the 12-week Challenge that aims at nurturing consistency and making deliberate strides towards monumental success.

My Personal Journey:

You won’t be alone on this journey of consistency; I’ll be embarking on it with you. I aim to rekindle my journaling habit, dedicating daily time to introspection and setting actionable steps toward my goals, which has unlocked newfound clarity and momentum. Each day presents a step forward, a minor yet meaningful stride towards a larger vision.

I warmly invite you, dear readers, to accompany me on this 12-week challenge of discovery, growth, and steadfastness. Since everyone harbors unique goals, the challenge is versatile. To steer you rightly, here’s a guide to ensure you’re poised for success:

The 12-Week Challenge:

  1. Identify Your Focus Area: Choose a few areas or specific goals you wish to work on. Don’t overload yourself; start with a few, then habit stack, as James Clear suggests in his book Atomic Habits. For example, I’ve consistently weight-trained for the past couple of months, and I know I need to add in regular cardio sessions. Therefore, I’ve added cardio to the end of my shorter workouts to help with the success of the habit stacking.
  2. Set Actionable Goals: Employ the SMART methodology to break down your overarching goal into smaller, achievable targets. One of my goals over the next 12 Weeks is to complete my Board Certified Coach Credential.
  3. Daily Commitment: Allocate time each day to progress towards your goals, regardless of the step’s size. Maintain a daily practice, like jotting down reflections in a bullet journal. I’m committing to reading at least 30 minutes a day.
  4. Weekly Reflection: Reflect on your progress weekly, acknowledging your achievements and learning from any setbacks. I’m committing to jotting down a few lines daily in my reflection journal.
  5. Community Sharing: Share your journey, insights, and triumphs using the hashtag #12WeeksOfConsistency. Although I relish solitude, I value the communal spirit of sharing progress. If public sharing feels daunting, confide in a few trusted friends or a coach.

Engage with the Community:

I’ll chronicle my journey over these 12 weeks and am keen to hear about yours. Every Sunday, a reflection prompt will grace the blog and my social media outlets to aid your reflections.

Your Path to Monumental Success:

The magic lies in the journey, in the daily act of showing up, and in the relentless pursuit of growth. Remember, every small step is a leap towards monumental success.

Ready to embrace the challenge and stride towards achieving your goals? Share your focus area for the 12-Week Challenge in the comments below and on social media using #12WeeksOfConsistency. Together, let’s journey towards the year’s close with purpose, consistency, and a supportive community.

How will you transform over the next 12 weeks? What areas would you like to go into 2024 with a habit already established?

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