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2024 Unlit Leadership Book Challenge

The Unlit Leadership Book Challenge returns for 2024, and while I’m kicking things off a bit later than last year, there’s still ample time for all the enthusiastic readers out there to dive in. This year, we’re zooming in on those new to leadership roles and seasoned leaders embarking on new challenges. As we step into the new year, it’s vital for all leaders, particularly the novices, to commit to ongoing self-improvement. Continual self-development is a key ingredient for success at every stage of a leadership journey.

At Unlit Leadership Coaching, my dedication to leader self-development remains steadfast, focusing on nurturing self-awareness and bolstering emotional intelligence. I firmly believe in the power of reading to expand your knowledge and perspectives. Therefore, in 2024, I warmly invite you to join the Unlit Leadership Book Challenge and broaden your leadership horizons with us. Let’s embark on this journey of growth and learning together!

Why participate in the 2024 Unlit Leadership Book Challenge?

The question arises: Why should new leaders, in particular, consider the Unlit Leadership Book Challenge?

Leaders are perpetual learners, and reading offers a wealth of knowledge and perspective for those just starting their leadership journey. It’s vital for new leaders to realize that leadership is not just about being at the forefront but also about learning from others, embracing diverse viewpoints, and growing through new experiences.

Reading serves as a powerful tool for leaders aiming to evolve. It not only enriches your knowledge but also stimulates cognitive development and broadens your understanding of various leadership dynamics.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

John F. Kennedy

Integrating reading into your busy schedule

Time is a scarce resource for leaders. As we enter 2024, the challenge remains to allocate time for personal growth. Recognizing the importance of self-development, this year’s challenge remains structured yet flexible, focusing mainly on new leaders.

Like last year, this year’s book challenge includes 24 carefully selected prompts, catering specifically to the needs and growth of new leaders.

The 2024 Unlit Leadership Book Challenge Framework

Here is how the challenge is structured for those new to the Unlit Leadership Book Challenge or those looking for a refresher.

The challenge is adaptable to each leader’s individual needs.

For those who can commit to a book a month, select 12 prompts from the list. This option may be ideal for those planning to jump on one of the more popular reading challenges from Pop Sugar or Goodreads. I personally enjoy urban fantasy way more than leadership books, so this allows me to go back and forth between personal enjoyment and professional development/

The full 24-book challenge is an ambitious but achievable goal for avid readers. We will read two books monthly. This method should be challenging but attainable. If you are like me, you will stick to a book every other month and still check out the latest comics and urban fantasy audiobooks in between.

I’ll provide monthly recommendations for those seeking guidance in book selection. Follow my LinkedIn for updates on my reading journey, and connect to share your progress, keeping each other motivated and accountable.

Are you ready to embark on this enlightening journey?

How to get started

Decide now: Will you take on the 12 or 24-book challenge this year? I’ll be tackling the 24 Book Challenge in order. However, you’re free to choose your reading sequence. My monthly recommendations will align with the list order for simplicity.

Here are this year’s prompts:


  • Prompt 1 – Navigating the First 90 Days: Books focusing on the initial challenges and strategies for new leaders in their first few months.
  • Prompt 2 – Cultural Competency in Leadership: Titles exploring how leaders can understand and effectively manage diverse teams.


  • Prompt 3 – Innovative Leadership Styles: Books on emerging leadership styles and their application in modern organizations.
  • Prompt 4 – Managing Change and Uncertainty: Books that guide new leaders in handling change and uncertainty in their organizations.


  • Prompt 5 – Emotional Intelligence for Leaders: Works emphasizing emotional intelligence’s role in effective leadership.
  • Prompt 6 – Decision Making and Problem-Solving: Focusing on how new leaders can develop strong decision-making and problem-solving skills.


  • Prompt 7 – Building and Leading Effective Teams: Insights into creating, managing, and inspiring teams to achieve organizational goals.
  • Prompt 8 – Ethical Leadership and Integrity: Books exploring the importance of ethics and integrity in leadership, a crucial aspect for new leaders to understand and embrace.


  • Prompt 9 – Leadership in the Digital Age: Books that address the challenges and opportunities of leading in the current digital age.
  • Prompt 10 – Biographies of Unconventional Leaders: Books on leaders who took unconventional paths to success, showcasing alternative leadership styles and strategies.


  • Prompt 11 – Leadership Lessons from Fictional Characters: Explore books where fictional characters exhibit strong leadership traits, drawing lessons from unexpected sources.
  • Prompt 12 – Leading at the Crossroads: Embracing Diversity and Authenticity: Titles by diverse leaders who have navigated the complex landscapes of corporate culture, societal expectations, and personal identity


  • Prompt 13 – Humorous Takes on Leadership Challenges: Light-hearted books present leadership challenges and solutions with a touch of humor.
  • Prompt 14 – Mindfulness and Leadership: Titles that combine leadership with mindfulness and mental well-being practices.


  • Prompt 15 – Leadership in Extreme Situations: Books focus on leaders who navigated extreme circumstances, such as explorers, adventurers, or crisis managers.
  • Prompt 16 – The Intersection of Leadership and Technology: Books that explore how technology is shaping modern leadership practices


  • Prompt 17 – Leading Through Creativity and Innovation: Books that encourage thinking outside the box and fostering innovation in a team or organization
  • Prompt 18 – Global Leadership Perspectives: Insights into leadership styles and challenges from various cultures worldwide.


  • Prompt 19 – Leadership Lessons from Sports: Drawing parallels between sports coaching and business leadership.
  • Prompt 20 – Culinary Leadership: Fun and insightful lessons from renowned chefs and restaurateurs, drawing parallels between leading in the kitchen and the boardroom.


  • Prompt 21 – Leadership in 2024: Books published in 2024 that have already made a significant impact.
  • Prompt 22 – The Power of Diversity in Leadership: Books that examine the challenges and opportunities associated with diversity and inclusion strategies.


  • Prompt 23 – Science Fiction Leadership Scenarios: Sci-fi books that present unique leadership challenges
  • Prompt 24 – The Art of Storytelling in Leadership: Titles that delve into how compelling storytelling can be a powerful tool for leaders in inspiring and communicating with their teams

Stay tuned to my blog, subscribe to my LinkedIn newsletter, or follow me on LinkedIn for monthly book reviews and recommendations, primarily focusing on new leadership challenges and growth.

Final Reflections

This year’s challenge is designed to support new leaders’ continuous growth and development. Let’s strive to make 2024 a year of remarkable progress and learning. I welcome your thoughts on the challenge, and feel free to share your book recommendations!

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